First off, we should introduce ourselves. Our names are Shadow and Azuriel. We are sisters and BFFs OMG. Don’t worry we don’t actually talk like that. This is Shadow typing right now. I got the idea for this project while wasting my time on the internet so I could avoid doing the dishes. I typed “funny pictures” into Google and was happily laughing away at stupid cats and babies with a tub of whipped cream and a glass of wine when I came across ANOTHER “This is what real women look like picture”. It showed a beautiful female with curves that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous and enough makeup on to feed a village of starving children….you know what I mean. I do not actually encourage feeding makeup to children although I have lost a few tubes of lipstick while babysitting. Anyway, I studied this picture for awile comparing it to my own “fun sized” curves (like the candy bars the phrase is misleading). I scarfed down more of the whipped cream than I care to admit hoping it would somehow all go to my chest only to realize that when I had seen a picture of a “gorgeous woman” on the internet the previous week (she was gorgeous and about as big around as my left thigh) I had imediatly put the whipped cream back in the freezer vowing to feed  the rest to my boyfriend and start working out. I did not feed the glorious, creamy goodness to my boyfriend, do so much as one push up and the previously mentioned creamy goodness did not enhance anything except my trips to the bathroom at work the next day (curse you lactose intolerance!) I decided right then and there that something had to be done. Someone had to defend this poor word and stick up for the actual, honest, all shapes and sizes kind of women. So I texted my sister (BFF OMG!). Our conversation went like this:

Shadow: I’m starting a revolution and I want you to start it with me.

Azuriel: I like it! I’m in….what are we revolting against?

Shadow: Societys’s defintion of a “Real Woman”. Pictures and stories of women who actually define that word.

Azuriel: Cool! Let me know how I can help. BTW…The world ends next week.

After that we get off topic. But my point is!…I’ll be dammed if my nonexistant but possibly potential future daughters are going to grow up defining themselves by their clothing size. Having large breasts or thighs that don’t touch when you walk does not have anything to do with how womanly you are. We will cover different topics, issues, arguments and points of view. We will have stories, photo shoots, polls and many wonderful, inspiring women who live the true definition of that word. Our blog will be prettied up at a later date. I have leftovers waiting for me. <*3  /  0{